Dov Veren: Garden of Voices

The Garden of Voices entry one:
I dream of it, almost every night now. The Garden is vast and filled with unknowable shapes. Shapes our minds could never understand and yet our souls are mended with it.

I always walk down the same path and see the same shapes, they appear to be flowers and trees but I know they are so much more. Its breath taking to stare at, the vast rows of plant life and structures that have no end. This garden feels old, and from a place we can truly never reach without passing its test.

I dream of the voices, they sound like me. They are me in every way and yet are not. The past, the present and future matters not here. For we are all the same, we are one and in the same. Our truths will be tested and we will face ourselves. This is what it means to know my truth and force it to be the only one truth into existence. Thus I will be the only one, in any reality.