Empire Hunt: Dark Priestess

Name: Empire Hunt: Dark Priestess
Video URL: The Dark Priestess | Defeat Kridis | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.11.12


// REFERENCE {item:Divine Retribution 4}

++ Eventide Ruins, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian hunts down Kridis, Dark Priestess.

Variks: Eramis wished to destroy gods… but Kridis simply chose another. She craves not power, but meaning. And she seeks it in Darkness.

** The Guardian searches for Kridis, defeating the Fallen which they encounter. A barrier blocking a corridor disappears. The Guardian heads into the corridor.

Kridis: My people… your Kell sleeps, but she is not dead. The Darkness brings another gift: the means to rouse her from her slumber.

Variks: Rouse her… that cannot be…

Kridis: Eramiskel has not left you. Eramiskel has just begun. Eramiskel will return in a storm of blood and ice.

++ Riis-Reborn Approach, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian continues to search for Kridis, defeating the Fallen and the Vex which they encounter.

Kridis: In her slumber, Eramiskel seeks greater knowledge from the Darkness. She pledges herself to its mysteries. She journeys through its glorious depths. And she will return not as Kell, but as a god.

** The Guardian approaches a teleporter.

Kridis: The Darkness sends visions of Eramiskel. It names me her escort out of the deep… back to you. Her people. Her faithful.

Variks: If Kridis speaks true… if she has found a way to bring Eramiskel — ah… To bring Eramis back to life…

Ghost: We’re not gonna let that happen.

++ Gale’s Watch, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian continues to search for Kridis, defeating the Fallen which they encounter. The Guardian enters Eramis’ command room. Yamiks Prime, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats Yamiks Prime, House Salvation.

** The Guardian heads to the platform outside the command room. Kridis, Dark Priestess appears. The Guardian approaches Kridis and the frozen statue of Eramis.

Kridis: Welcome, spawn of the Traitor Machine. Have you come to witness the rise of a god?

** The Guardian defeats Kridis, Dark Priestess and claims Kridis’ Splinter of Darkness.

Ghost: She’s down, Variks. It’s over. That’s… all of them. All of Eramis’ lieutenants. Her entire council.

Variks: The reign of the Kell of Darkness is ended. [insect-like chattering] Thanks to the Guardian. But in death, Eramis becomes myth. Immortal. [insect-like chattering] Her legacy will go on. New champions will rise in her name. We must stay always vigilant. [insect-like chattering]

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