Ending Scene D2 Theory


Hi i’m new, anyways…i just wanna give my theory and am hoping to see if you can disprove it. So what i believe is that the triangle ships could be the darkness, but i was hoping maybe these are the warminds. We know that the warminds fled the earth because of the darkness. They left our solar system. Well, except rasputin. You kill ghaul and he dies…the travelers light explodes everywhere…the warminds might have been awaked by this believing the darkness is gone…also we knew they’re will be a rasputin expansion. It also could be the darkness or hive maybe vex, osiris has been studying both very hard and may help find more about them also eris may return…idk its a little far fethched…


I’m pretty sure the Darkness destroyed all the warminds in our solar system. I believe that these triangle ships are the fifth species as shown in a piece of Taken King concept art.



Interesting fact: My Namee Is Byf thinks this race to be ‘the Darkness itself.’ But was the original Darkness a wave of black, nothing?


I’m not sure its a vague thing so we don’t have anything physical in the lore or in game to know.


I mean, the wave kinda makes sense if you look at the pic @VulshokBersrker posted above it shows a black scribble or puddle like object that looks like a wave.


I mean that is concept art and look how it shows the other species. They don’t look anything like that in game so I wouldn’t put too much belief in how things look in that picture.