Enemy of my Enemy Ending Translation

Hey guys, longtime reader first time contributor.

I stumbled upon Sarsion’s great article about Eliksni and how to translate it (seriously, his collaboration as well as etymological base and discovery are all top notch), which got me thinking about the only direct communication between a Guardian and an Eliksni Captain that I know of: the conclusion of Enemy of My Enemy: Chances and Choices.

After pursuing Mithrax the Forsaken, former Captain of the House of Kings, now Dusk, through the Arcology, we find them in single combat with Golthor the Subtle, a Hive Knight. I’ve seen it posited elsewhere that the Hive are trying to use their rituals to sink the Arcology, and perhaps Golthor sought a more direct route. Given that we did not know about Hive plan, Golthor was indeed subtle. Golthor’s plan, however, was stopped by Mithrax and, if you do not kill Mithrax, then he speaks to you.

I spent a while trying to decipher this message, as I think it is extremely important. I do not think this Captain was actually trying to stop us from getting to the reactor, but he was trying to prevent the Hive from destroying it. More importantly, I think he wanted us to see him helping. Some voice lines back this up:

Ghost: Sloane, why do the Fallen want the reactor?
Sloane: For Ether production probably. They hook up a big Servitor to it, they double or triple output. Why do you ask?
Ghost: No reason.
[…After the final confrontation…]
Ghost: I think that Captain just gave us the reactor.

This is all conjecture however. Here are my attempts at translation:

  1. Dir Ges Kir, Kas Han Bas Sher
  • Dying Leads Strong, Burn Equally Lose Fearful
    Dying has made us strong, burn everything makes brave
  1. Kir Fres Zer, Kles Na Kas Zer
  • Strong Free Given, Steal House Burn Given
    My strength is freely given, steal place burn gift
  1. Kir Fres Zer, Kles Han Ba Sher
  • Strong Free Given, Steal Equally Lose Fearful
    Strength is given free, take from all eliminate fear.

I was hoping to find out something more about Mithrax (and Uldren and Variks…) but it seems the Eliksni (and their allies) are playing their cards close to their chests. I would love to see you all take a stab at this! I know others have attempted it, but I was not satisfied with their interpretations. Maybe we can discover something new.

“The watcher does not just observe. The watcher defines the observed.”- Parables of the Allspring.


I have always suspected that the Eliksni were going to join us, some day, and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
That mission was slightly cathartic in that regard. Hell, I respect that whole race. When Ghost asked me “do we hate the Hive or the Fallen more?”, I was almost offended that was even a question. Especially after what the Hive did in Savathun’s Song.

Yeah, I hope they tune Ghost’s dialogue in the future. He is a little callous and, sometimes, dumb? Like he forgets things we know?

They’re trying to simplify things for the sake of the story. Assuming the player is new (hence why Saladin no longer calls us “Young Wolf”, for example) and all that.

Still, it’d be nice to see some progress made. The reasons the Eliksni even came to our system… they’re not really bad. They just think we’re holding their god captive.

Right? I feel like it wouldn’t take all that much to say “Hey guys, come on in, see if you can communicate with the Traveler, if so great, if not sorry. Either way, join us and let’s help each other not die.”


Great post!
These translations make a lot of sense in this context.
Makes me feel bad for killing him. :sweat_smile:

1- dying has made us smarter, everyone losing makes us brave
2- strength is given when you take, destroy what is given
3- strength is given when you take, we all become fearless