Eris Morn Lore/Facts

Eris Morn is a well known Hunter for surviving the Hellmouth without her light. She was also a member of the first Crota’s End Fireteam. In this post, I will be trying to uncover some of her past.

Eris Morn is most known for being a member of the Crota Fireteam, but why did she go? She had a choice, right? It’s not like she was forced, but the way she acts makes it look like she was. With new evidence from Ishtar Collective’s Hive 3 Grimoire, I now have strong proof to believe otherwise.
The card centers around a conversation between Ikora and Eris. Throughout the discussion, they discuss about the invading Hive. The conversation takes place just before The Dark Below expansion.
Some key areas in the discussion-

Eris: It may be too late.
Ikora: Then you need a new army.
Eris: I’ve made that mistake before.
Ikora: You saved us all. Your sacrifice-
Eris: I am still here. My sacrifice was-
Ikora: Enough.
Eris: And I should ask new heroes to fall…as they did?
Ikora: It is why we were reborn in the light.

Ok. This gives us enough info for now. Ikora mentions a ‘new army’. Who is that army? Us. Eris was not here for revenge. She was here on orders. And we will see that too later in the discussion. Let’s continue.

Eris: My light is all but gone.
Ikora: Cherish what remains, but know that you have done enough. Your time in the shadows…I can’t fathom-
Eris: My role among the Hidden is an honor.

There we have it. The Hidden are essentially Ikora’s spies, going places where Ikora can’t. They could be anything, anywhere. And in this case, Eris is a member of the Hidden.
So why did Ikora have Eris do it? Well, I have but one reason. Eris would have had to be recruited after she joined the Fireteam. It’s the only logical reason, as Ikora could have chosen any of her Hidden. Any of them. Then again, Ikora could have chosen anyone from the Fireteam, right? Why choose Eris when you have Toland? Here are my reasons:

  1. Toland. Exiled for his ways with the Hive. His death was after listening to Ir Yut. He could not be trusted.
  2. Eriana-3. A Exo-Praxic Warlock hellbent on revenge after the Mare Imbrium. Rage clouds your thoughts. You cannot expect when their attitude could change.
  3. Omar Agah, Vell Tarlowe, and Sai Mota were just ‘pawns on the chessboard’.
    UPDATE: I can’t prove that Omar, Vell, and Sai aren’t members as of right now, so consider the above as a theory.

Through this, only Eris Morn remains. But why did Ikora want someone to go to the Hellmouth? Even more, why would Ikora want someone to stay in the Hellmouth with Crota, Alak Hul, and Ir Yut?
The mystery remains.

I have reason to believe that Eris Morn is a Bladedancer Hunter. In the Promethean Code story mission, Cayde-6 says "Where do you think Bladedancers got their cloaking ability?"
Maybe Eris used her cloaking ability to stay alive in the same way other guardians did in the Last Rites story mission.

"An eye for an eye, you see. They took one, I took three."
How exactly did Eris lose an eye? But then why did she take three more? According to a Bungie string:

“The darkness can only be seen on Eris, but not on the Hive, because it is in a higher concentration in a smaller area because of the bandages covering her eyes to slow the spread of the darkness from her to the guardians. She can also see through her bandages because of the power that the eyes have.”

This leads me to think that the Darkness may have affected her somehow? I simply have no clue.

How does one find exiled guardians? No one knows. But how did Eris find Toland and Osiris?
Toland was exiled for his ways with the Hive. Maybe they found his journals, but they didn’t know where. Still, Eris and Eriana found him.
Osiris, though, is a completely other story. Once Osiris was expelled, no one had a clue as to where he went. Even his followers didn’t know.
There is a theory that suggests that Toland is Osiris. When you think about it from this perspective, it makes sense. Osiris is with Eris when they go meet Queen Mara Sov. How does he know enough about the Hive to know about Oryx?

My personal thoughts are that Eris is Nokris. I have one dumb reason and a couple of OK reasons. Here is the dumb one:
They both end with R-I-S.


How does one survive in the Hellmouth without some sort of cover? The only way is to control the Hive. The only person who could control the Hive other than Crota and Oryx is Nokris.
However, the phrase “An eye for an eye, you see. They took one, I took three.” seems like it rebuts the topic. Actually, I think it doesn’t.
If you recall (or visit the link here), Nokris is basically erased by Oryx. Maybe Nokris went good and became Eris. It makes sense, right?

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Interesting points, but do you have a source for Toland being on Earth? If he was exiled, he could be on the Moon, where the Hive are. I just feel that he would have been forced to leave Earth had he been exiled.

I thought so too as well, but I found a Reddit link saying otherwise. I am currently trying to see whether it is true or not, but for the time being, it is like that on the post.

Can you link the reddit post? I’m curious, since I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

You have some interesting theories! :slight_smile: But there is a lot of guesswork involved here. Let me question some of your points specifically.

It’s possible that Eris was a member of the Hidden before going on her mission, but equally it’s possible that she joined Ikora’s Hidden after returning from the Hellmouth.

There is some information that suggests that Eriana-3 was a member of the Hidden, specifically Curse of the Hidden:

I don’t think there’s any good reason why Agah, Tarlowe or Mota couldn’t have been members of the Hidden.

That’s possible, but there are other possibilities. I don’t think there’s any evidence for that specifically.

She didn’t, she only found Toland. Osiris sent his disciples to the Reef, which is how the Queen was able to contact him. Osiris knows enough about the Hive to know about Oryx because Osiris is an expert on the Hive. We know this because of the Shrine of Oryx mission and the Court of Oryx.

According to who?

Interesting theories, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my questions. :slight_smile:



Yes, but the reason I stand that she joined before was because of the way she talks to Ikora. She says “my role among the Hidden”. Also, according to the grimoire and Bungie, Eris came right before the Dark Below expansion. She couldn’t have a big role if she just joined.

I just read it. The people Eriana swore revenge for could just be from the Mare Imbrium, as I assume.

Yeah…I’ll edit the post for that.[quote=“baxter, post:5, topic:478”]
That’s possible, but there are other possibilities. I don’t think there’s any evidence for that specifically.
That is true as well, but it is the only way I could think of.

However, even his disciples don’t know where he goes. It is possible this is why.

I honestly don’t know, and it is the only way I could think of.

I edited the post!

I’ll try and post the link tonight. The iPad I am currently using has restricted abilities.

This is the link here.

There’s nothing in the lore to suggest Toland was found on Earth. It was an assumption made by the poster.

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