Eris Morn's eyes

Since she was first introduced, Eris has been one of my favorite Destiny characters. I like her so much i named my pet tortoise after her, but I digress. One of the biggest questions ive had for years is her eyes! They are very obviously Hive in appearance And i believe there was a theory that her rock was an Ahamkara bone that she wished on, in turn giving her her new eyes. Does anyone know for sure or have any opinions on how she got them? Any lore that talks about her eyes?

I don’t specifically remember what lore tells this, but, putting it blatantly, she got those eyes when she went to the moon with her fireteam at an attempt to kill Crota. Summary of that debacle - her fireteam got ****ed, her ghost destroyed, and she had to become a Hive, both metaphorically and literally, to escape.
Even then, she barely made it.

Still crazy that all of that happened to her and we went in there with ease. That just shows how powerful our guardian is. Unless Eris is just weak…

What happened is Eris’ fireteam got wiped. Then she survived and ran like there was no tomorrow. She had to become a hive, and she did this by delving into her magic and ripping the eyes of an acolyte out and infusing it into her skin.

There’s a Shadowkeep weblore where Toland and Eris talk about their raid on Hellmouth and why it ended as it did. From what I can make of it, Toland thinks they messed up (they were too weak or the Hive too strong) because of the Pyramid’s influence, but he doesn’t say that blatantly so I’m not 100% sure.

“It was riddles… taunts. She used you, all of you, perverting your voices… I was close to something. Beneath the surface. Slumbering.”
“Aren’t you curious what was slumbering down there? I know I am.”
He piques my interest. I’ll allow this momentary reprieve.
“Go on.”
“Our time in the Hellmouth… requires further examination. I’ve often thought back to our glorious failure. Something has never sat right with me.”
“I imagine dying would leave one unsettled.”
“True, but this lies beyond that void. Our fireteam was comprised of some of the best to ever wield the Light, and yet we were eviscerated with ease.”
“They had weapons… we were not prepared.”
“While true, does the circumstance not bother you?”

Eris’ eyes have been intriguing me for some time now. I have some theories based on the little amount of lore, and there has been a discussion going around tumblr some time ago about it, actually! I’ll just link to the post bc it’s long; my take is on the bottom as @flowers-of-io is my tumblr :blush:

(tl;dr: Eris cut out her eyes and switched them with an acolyte’s while in the Hellmouth, probably with the help of ahamkara magic and what was left of her Light.)