Hello! Welcome to Errata, a Destiny lore blog published by the Ishtar Collective.

PurpleChimera, normalnorman and myself (and our friends!) spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and writing about Destiny lore. A lot of that work ends up in the Ishtar Collective's Archive, but some of it just doesn't belong there.

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I am looking forward to this.


The second best thing with Ishtar Collective, second to only the Forums.
When do you think the first post will be out?


I hope within the next day or so :slight_smile:


I assume it’s called Errata as a nod to the Pahanin Errata?


@DeathlyGeneral, you assume correctly :wink:

Originally we were going to call it ‘Journal’ as a nod to Cayde’s Journal, but @AnonPig actually suggested Errata!


Errata makes sense in this context.


Sounds promising!
I am hopefully going to read and keep up with the entries!