Exo Mental Disorders?

So, I’m in this RP with Destiny. And I have this Exo character who has kinda this head problem where continual “Hard Resets” (An Idea, basically, rushed Memory Resets without proper care) actually compressed her memories into forming it’s own kinda personality. But it got me thinking.
With D.E.R (Dissociative Exomind Rejection), I was wondering. What would be the equivalent of a Mental/Physical Disability for an Exo now? Like, I understand that they are meant to be Human War Machines or ways to Live forever. But what would their mental problems be? And how would you explain it? (Like my take on a very lax form of “Schizophrenia”. Though I know it isn’t at all like the real deal, I won’t act like I understand what I don’t. But it’s the closest I could describe it.)
So, Tl;Dr, what would Exo Mental Disorders be like? And how could you explain it from a “Technological” standpoint, if you could even call it that.

Hm… so you’re giving Pike multiple personalities? Interesting…

Not quite. It’s fixed now due to Mason helping it. But it was an idea.
She had the equivalent of Two brains. Literally. There wasn’t the consciousness bringing up some fake voice due to mental disabilities. It was because she had so many Hard Resets, that they culminated into a very negative personality that was trying to constantly belittle her till she gave up, and relinquished control to that negative mind. It was actually kinda cool that I got to Visualize it as well for Mason.
But anyways. Whaddya think? What kinda Mental Disabilities could you think up of for Exos?

So pretty much, the little voice in our heads being negative?

I wonder if they can suffer PTSD and Depression and such? Like you said, they’re supposed to be war machines but they are as human as anyone else. So what does that make them? Also, their version of Bipolar would likely be their emotion disk being fried or something. I don’t know the anatomy so I can’t help all too much.

Ehh, think more aggressive. While their is that “Negative Voice”. This is something much more malevolent and is, indeed, a type of “Brain” trying to take over the body, and force the current resident into submission.

This sound more like someone hacking them rather than multiple personalities or whatever you want to call it. But there’s a wrinkle there. What if it’s compiled of good memories, or sad memories? Would that be something else all together or would that be DID?

It’s not exactly Hacking. Because it is, indeed, a personality. Just that it’s trying to reclaim it’s “Rightful” body.
As for Good or Sad memories? It depends. The one I created was based mostly on the Negative, to give story flavor. but it could be any combination. Sad fighting happy, and vice versa.

Would there be the potential to have like… oh I dunno. One for most every emotion that can be felt? This is just a hypothetical but I am considering making an exo with a whole bunch of these. Constantly on the run from Warlocks who want to study him because of his many many many different personalities.

Let’s move this to DMs.

As for others, I feel like Dementia could be a thing for Exos when they find themselves with a lack of storage and so their subconscious functions start clearing older memories for more space. This is something I feel like would happen for Exo Guardians more, given that they are regularly taking in great amounts of information and having to process it rapidly (which lead me to think about what kind of benefits they would have because of their mechanization…) and for Warlocks this would be an especially awful plague.

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