Exo Stranger / Darkness Omission

I wanted to speak on this topic on someone’s thread but I saw that no one had posted it yet!
This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of the supposed removal of the Exo Stranger and The Darkness from Destiny 2.

I won’t discuss Luke Smith but I think at this point we’ve all heard the quotes. I seriously think that there is much more to learn about the Exo Stranger and her origins, motives and purpose. And I think the Darkness is ABSOLUTELY necessary to the Destiny story, what else could have chased the Traveler into our system and furthermore caused the Collapse? :thinking:

All thoughts are appreciated!

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Necessary, yes, but not at the moment. The Cabal have been confirmed to have no connection to the Darkness and we’ve never seen the Exo Stranger be connected with them at all, only with the Vex and in a minor way the Hive. So she’ll not appear in D2 unless it is a DLC, which I am counting on; if not that, then D3. The Darkness is getting more defined now, it is no longer an amorphous enemy but a definite entity, one that precedes the Hive in their invasions to wreck or throw into disarray their targets, and speaks very affably with its servants; it’s no longer just a catch-all term for every enemy in the game.


On the Darkness (from the gameinformer article):

I feel like Luke Smith has been misquoted here. He didn’t say that they are dropping the Darkness, rather that they are focussing on the Light right now. The Darkness is an important part of the universe of Destiny.

And on the Exo Stranger (from the PCGamer interview)

This doesn’t mean she’ll never be in the story again, Luke Smith is not the Last Word on that matter :wink:


Could it be deflection? As in, this game is about setting the scene, narrowing the story to the Light and what it means to us as Guardians and then expanding on it? Not necessarily D3 but the two expansions there to do with Osiris and Rasputin, both older stories within D1 itself. Or could it be setting up for the Ultimate Light (Osiris) vs Dark (Ghaul)?

I’m just waffling but there’s something incredibly familiar about this story, I know I’ve read the basic plot somewhere before. Probably in some obscure text somewhere, knowing me.


I agree with that 100%!
I’m just worried that they’ll NEVER go back to it.
Yes, D2 should not focus on The Darkness or The Exo Stranger but I just hope that they revisit the topic in future releases.

That makes a lot more sense!
I hope this is the case, and that these two very valuable story assets aren’t discarded.

Yes, I agree that Bungie shouldn’t focus on The Darkness or The Exo Stranger in D2 since it’s focus is on the Cabal and Light.
However, maybe a few set-up missions that foreshadow the coming DLC?
That would be really cool!

As @baxter has quoted, the devs are working on a specific story to be told, and paring away all of the unessessaries. All of those side-stories in D1? Inconsequential, mostly because they hardly affected the main story at all except in little ways that isn’t noticed by the average person unless they read and re-read the Grimoire (take the Rasputin v Traveler debate, for instance).

We’ll see more stories, but not in D2. It has a specific story in mind.

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My Name is Byf talked about it as well, linking the video below-

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Yup, I’ve watched his video and Myelin’s also!

Recently like 2hrs ago I found a scan able on IO that seems to only be accessible during one of the “launch gate mini boss” activities? Anyways the scanable is the ghost saying " I wonder what ever happened to that exo that warned us of the black garden I hope she’s OK" I got a game recording of it as well

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That’s cool!
I also caught a reference to the Exo Stranger:
“What’s up with hooded, anti-authority figures calling me little?”-Ghost

Where’s this? What location and where in that location?

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This isn’t common?
I’m 100% sure I heard it, no doubt.

I heard that line too and I think its part of the veteran dialogue during the mission just before going to titan for the first time

P.S. anyone else think/hope the exo stranger is one of Osiris’s people?

Correction the line “what is with hooded authority figures calling me little”-ghost is in the quest ENHANCE during the phase where you have to fight your way through the streets of trostland through maevic square after the first two shield walls no enemy drops explosives and you find a fallen transporter after a conversation with hawthorn you ghost say’s the line

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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and while i don’t have conclusive evidence…what I believe is that the Exo Stranger is one of the Nine.

Also that the Darkness isn’t necessarily one entity but a non-tangible existence that can manifest in beings (I.e. Oryx). The key to all Darkness understanding is: The Deep. The war between the Deep and the Sky is ultimately the underlying force behind all of Destiny.

I don’t have solid arguments yet, but I’m compiling and thought I’d throw my thoughts on here, since these two topics have been on my mind.

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To be fair, we don’t really know what the Darkness is yet. Oryx did take from the Deep, yes, but he took the Tablets of Ruin, not the Darkness itself. From verse 3:8:

Auryx the First Navigator set upon his god with his sword and his words, and cut Akka to pieces, and took from those pieces the secret of calling upon the Deep. He wrote this secret on a set of tablets, which he called the Tablets of Ruin.

He found a way to call upon the Darkness, that is, Take. He also spoke to the Deep, but we don’t know what that speech included. As for what form the Darkness itself takes, there have been a variety of theories since D1, but we won’t be sure until we get more information.

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True. I’ll give you that.

I read a line in the grimoire today, can’t remember where, but it said “The Darkness-which-is-the-Deep” … I think one of the Worm gods spoke it and it stuck out to me. So that’s what I’m trying to draw on.


That’s from Oryx talking in Forever and A Blade:

I don’t know where the Darkness-which-is-the-Deep came from, nor the Traveler that I hunt. But I will learn. I will learn.

The Darkness and the Deep are said to be the same thing, but we don’t know what that ‘thing’ is.


Right. But the Deep is the key