Exos, SIVA, Exodus Project, and one big collection of questions

Today, while sitting at work, I was listening to Meylin Games’s Lore discussions. As I do, when I am bored and wanting to learn more about the quite interesting world of Destiny. That is when it changed over to this video:


That’s when I sat there thinking… what if Exos were a SIVA creation at the onset of the collapse to create a fighting force capable of fighting the forces of darkness that laid siege to humanity. When Clovis Bray began human injection experiments there were those who suffered, imagine the mind going through that, robots and machines taking over your mind but then retaining it as well. It could cause serious psychological damage, then changing those people into the first biological cybernetic upgrades talked about. Look at how the fallen appear.

Then they decide these cybernetics could be upgraded, eventually turning into full bodies for hosts to use when they take to the stars for deep space colonization. In a body that wouldn’t die of old age, in a vacuum, or toxic atmospheric environments. Perfect, for deep space colonists. They take those that volunteer, or some against their will maybe, and upload them in some way… I believe this location is the Deep Stone Crypt, or what we now know it as. I believe that somewhere in the solar system is a vault that stores the mass database of those that they uploaded to be Exodus Colonists.

Why do I think this?

As I listened to Meylin talk, I was typing a file. At my office we follow a tile naming format, [type][name of project][number of version]… that’s when this series of thoughts hit me. EXO_CAYDE_6, standing for Exodus Project Subject Cayde. What does the number mean? Well, it is either how many times they replicated his mind into an Exo body, or how many memory wipes they have had. Either works.

Its a bit of a far out there idea, but I think it could be something. What does everyone here think?

Exos were created long before the Collapse based on research about the Vex, and SIVA was originally developed to help colonists, not the military, although General Lanshu considered its potential applications.


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Plus, I am pretty sure there is grimoire and lore support that SIVA came after Exos.

Oh cool. I hadn’t seen that before. I have just really gotten into the lore stuff recently. Thank you for showing me!


No problem. Destinypedia prides itself on assembling together the available information in an easy to find and easy to read format for folk new to the lore. :slight_smile: