Exotic revolver, grim’s malice

Name: Grim’s Malice

Weapon type: revolver

Weapon quote: everything has a touch of malice

Weapon perks

Grim reveal: after running out of ammo you can continue firing but your health is taken in the process

Bloody cycle: the bullets that are made as a result of damaging yourself inflict 4x more damage then normal on opponents

Lore tab:
Some say there’s a legend, a grim puzzle they call it. It usually seems inviting at first but becomes a puzzle of malice, it takes the shape of anything the owner needs and it seems better than the original thing but it also comes at a price, are you ready for that price guardian?

Basically ToM but a revolver?

But the bullets do more damage then normal (it has better story implications then gameplay implications)

… Like the ToM… except… x2…

Yeah but it can turn into other thing just that’s the form i’m Using in a story for it

Okay? Mysterious and definitely not concerning.

Also even the fricking quote mentions touch of malice so

x4 damage? sOuNdS lIkE emptying bullets into a wall and then one tapping guardians to the head with a hand cannon (cRuCiBlE) sOuNdS fUn…

Lel 20 characters meep

Puts down well of radiance, lasts 30 seconds and one taps everything that even remotely peeks by a pixel.

Well of “Raid” iance. Haha get it cause well is used in every raid…

Not after shadowkeep


No it still will. It will still buff damage, and heal. Well will still be a must-have for raids.

Not reload tho 20 characters

It still buffs reload speed to the max, it’s just not instant. It’s not gonna change much

True, I got scoffed at for using whisper against bergusia forge boss

Oof. Whisper is gonna be good again shadow keep. Izanagi’s will be king probably

Yep, counting on that, this morning I farmed 4 waking vigils from menagerie

Uhhh. Why? Also this is getting off topic