Exotic Sidearm Concept

I really like sidearms and the whole run and gun playstyle they offer, but why not take that a step further? I present to you the [yeah i have no name].

Intrinsic: This weapon can be fired in while sprinting. Buffs sprint speed (akin to mida)
Barrel: Fluted Barrel (+5 stability +15 handling)
Magazine: Light Mag: (+5 range +10 reload speed)
Trait: Kills with this weapon while sprinting refill the magazine beyond normal capacity (overflow but cool)
Grip: Polymer Grip (+10 handling)

This sidearm would have 100 handling and would be in the archetype of the Anonymous Autumn. It would have a total of about 43 range so you can kill before you get into Dust Rock Blues/Toil and Trouble range without damage dropoff. Definitely would be a void energy weapon. It being kinetic would let you pair with Recluse, and while that would be fun, I could see being a bit much. It also would be competing with The Last Word, and I think this provides a slightly different alternative in a different slot, so you can use a kinetic special instead of being locked to a energy special if you like The Last Word.


PTSD from the sidearm meta of late D1. Hhhhnnnnn… yeah… sidearms… are… great…

I love it! It sounds really cool, and as someone who would love to use sidearms in crucible I really wished this existed in the actual game. What is the rate of fire though?

360 rpm, lightweight frame like the Anonymous Autumn from Shaxx

Ah ok thanks I didn’t know the rate of fire of anonymous autumn.

I was just about to make a sidearm exotic, really cool idea

This in my opinion is an amazing concept and would love to see it come to life!

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