Exotic sniper i came up with

alright, alright, alright I have a crazy idea for a sniper concept tell me what you think

           (sorry for the bad grammar i'm trying to do this fast) 

the sniper would be called " the dare " because its andal brask’s sniper
description reads “its a dare-andal brask”

the lore reads as follows ’ BLAM, the vandal collapses as my buddies gun light up with this with fire kinda like mine sooooo glad he listened to me and added that mod made his gun look much cooler and you know all the fancy stuff that made it exotic, ANYWAYS his guns on fire, my guns on fire, shiro’s the only one without a fire gun,OK OK OK, we storm the fallen big bunch take them out with andal covering our backs and leave witha big hunk of glimmer, dont know if we’d have made it out of there if its wasn’t for andal covering our back - cayde-6 retelling a tale of andal brask former hunter vanguard’

that was the lore tab, the stats are
reload speed:41
MAG size:3
hidden stats are
Aim assist:45
recoil direction:79
weapon size:43


intrinsic:deadly light:instant kills with this weapon increases damage until miss or not insta kills
scope:multifunction scope can be chosen from 25 range 50 range and 65 range
Lightweight mag
Bestes buddies:having someone in your fire team use the ace of spades increases damage slightly

Catalyst would just give you deeper pockets, tell me what you think sorry again for the bad grammar

After reading some comments I feel I need to actually explain some perks a little bit, deadly light stacks up to five, it activates on instant kills like killing a thrall by shooting the body would activate it if it dies instantly.Also the perk bestes buddies does minimal damage and only affects the one using the sniper it’s just enough to allow you to body someone in crucible if you have a 3 stack of deadly light

Thank you for listening to my ted talk

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Nice synergy with the Ace and good weapon idea.

What of you mean by insta kills? Seems fun, but way to OP. Imagine: You get to a boss fight. YOu stack up the damage after killing somewhere around 10-20 thrall and then you one shot the boss. By yourself. an PvP. Get two headshots, body shot every guardian until you run out of ammo or die. Plus with a fried with ace…

I think they mean headshots

Or maybe just one shot kills… Either way, I still think its reeeaaaaalllly op.

Stacks up 2 five I could see it being a problem in pvp but countable with a hand cannon or shotgun and the ace of spades buff is minimal like head seeker minimal

I agree, rather than rat king were a mediocre weapon rewards you very little for using a still very mediocre weapon it rewards you for using the best hand cannon in the game