Faction advertisement slogans

I was wondering how the three different factions recruit new members and I got to thinking. . .

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had recruitment posters with slogans on them?”

So far i only thought of one for Dead Orbit

“Dead Orbit. We Keep Our eyes fixed on the stars”

What do you think would be some cool slogans for the factions?


New Monarchy is obvious: “Together we rise.”

FWC: There is always war.

Alternatively “If you knew what we know. . . Oooooo”

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“War will happen as it had happened and never ceased not to happen.”

Fighting the Wars of the Future, today. FWC.

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FWC: Fighting today for a better tomorrow

Dead orbit “you don’t want to get stuck in a dead orbit around a planet now do you?”

FWC: “Fighting tomorrow for a better yesterday” :stuck_out_tongue: