Faction advertisement slogans

I was wondering how the three different factions recruit new members and I got to thinking. . .

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had recruitment posters with slogans on them?”

So far i only thought of one for Dead Orbit

“Dead Orbit. We Keep Our eyes fixed on the stars”

What do you think would be some cool slogans for the factions?

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New Monarchy is obvious: “Together we rise.”

FWC: There is always war.

Alternatively “If you knew what we know. . . Oooooo”

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“War will happen as it had happened and never ceased not to happen.”

Fighting the Wars of the Future, today. FWC.

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FWC: Fighting today for a better tomorrow

Dead orbit “you don’t want to get stuck in a dead orbit around a planet now do you?”

FWC: “Fighting tomorrow for a better yesterday” :stuck_out_tongue: