Factions/First Post

Hi guys, i’m kinda new to the whole Destiny Lore universe, but would like to learn much more. I want to start by asking which factions you’ll be choosing for the faction wars and the reasons behind your choice. Personally i’m going for Future War Cult because of its association with the vex device.

I’ll be joining the Future War Cult, I enjoy the intrigue and mystery surrounding them. That and I think their armor is cool.

I’m torn on factions. All three have parts of their philosophies that I like and dislike.

I really hope the faction leads in game give more elaboration on their views. Especially in light of the campaign, some beliefs could change so I’ll be interested in if that is reflected.

I’ll be joining all three for three reasons. 1. I want my options open. 2.I never really disliked any of the factions ideals besides New Monarchy for the whole “one man controls all”. 3.Loot!!

When the Destiny one first came out, and I learned the lore through gathering ghosts and watching youtube, I found that I didn’t really want to join any of the factions, and for a long time, i believe until the middle of Taken King, I didn’t join any. However, I found that New Monarchy was the one that I felt made the most sense to join, and because I wanted an armor piece. Still, I only felt my character worked with New Monarchy sometimes, and never fully aligned with any of the factions.

I also see my characters as their own thing these days, much like a D&D character becomes, where it is a part of you, but also has its own, appeal. My Guardian is an Iron Lord, as made so in Rise of Iron, and I feel he’ll come to the aid of New Monarchy simply for the sake of helping them with their Rally Goals.

Yeah. I don’t personally believe 7 is actually a thing that will ever happen with NM. Honestly I think it is more a belief that such a saint of a person could exist; and an inspiration for everyone to conduct themselves in the way they would want their Monarch to. With unimpeachable character.

Like, 7 might be a stretch goal but I don’t believe anyone thinks that would ever actually be achieved.

Just wanted to put it out there that what new monarchy is actually suggesting with tenant 7 is more like a republic like Rome. Right now we’re a “democracy” of sorts and new monarchy believes that the war against the darkness is so monumental
on both a logistical and a political scale that the only way we would be able to win is to get rid of the bureaucracy and place someone that is beyond trustworthy or “unimpeachable character” who would potentially put the needs of humanity as a whole " human, exo, awoken" before all else. Much like how Rome was a democracy until it faced times of great need when they would “elect” a emperor who would then do what was needed regardless of public opinion. But after the incident that got the emperor “elected” was taken care of they were to steep down retuning power to the democracy. Granted the last time that happened in Rome it was Ceaser’s reign and it ended in the collapse of Rome. So I’m all about new monarchy cause they are the only ones who can and will restore humanity to its rightful place in the multi-verse and remember when it comes time for us to elect the Emp… I mean Speaker yea speaker vote for Emperor Apollo519 and long live humanity and may your light forever keep you safe

Dictated but not read Emperor Apollo519 The Defender of tardigrades