Faith, Exotic Sniper Concept

The following is lore I wrote about Ayane Takanome, who led a group of Rangers that defended refugees on their path to the Last City, before the Vanguard. I made it to accompany an Exotic Sniper Rifle, called Faith. I thought the perk would be as follows:
-Successive headshots widen the sight, enabling enhanced accuracy. Stacks 3x.
Essentially, getting crits with the weapon widens the dot in the sights. If the enemy’s head is within the now bigger circle, it is registered as a headshot.
I hope you enjoy!

The rifle leapt against Ayane Takanome’s shoulder as somewhere in the distance some Marauder spilled it’s ether, darkening the earth.

As swiftly as a War Beast, she was back to looking through her scope, scanning the road lined with flowers of blue. The refugees trudged on, the hope of a better life pushing, dragging them forward.


That always bewildered Ayane. These people put all their faith in a sheer rumor; a rumor of a life without the Fallen threatening to knock down their back door. Ayane didn’t need faith. She had stayed In the Last City, had seen the Traveler with her own two eyes, and had basked in its Light. Not that she could wield it, anyways.

Her train of thought was derailed as the radio in her ear crackled to life. She received the news of one of her Rangers, who had become another victim of the Fallen and their antics. And all while defending migrants on their path to the Last City.


Ayane loosed a round for her comrade. Another Vandal fell from a tree, its lifeless corpse twisted in a disturbing manner on the forest floor.

The only emotion she could muster was anger. At the Traveler. At these so-called ‘Guardians.’ She was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of humanity, yet those graciously granted immortality were Warlords and cruel authoritarians. How could life go on when the only ones capable of the care to preserve it were the ones who had so little to give?


The appearance of a Fallen Captain yanked Takanome out of her self-pitying daze. “Hell,” she muttered to herself. “Maybe I do need a little faith.”


Welcome to the Community! Great sniper idea btw! Hope you have a good time and find some cool lore discussions.

I’m with Fruit! Welcome! I had an idea for a sniper but it’s a bit… weird. It’s perk was called “One in a Million” and one shot in one million would instantly kill anything not to mention a stupid idea and it was called the Reaper. It’s pretty old so that probably explains a lot… :sweat_smile:

an damn good lore card mate, quality shit

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It sounds really cool, I wish it was in the game because we haven’t gotten like any PvP style snipers yet.

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the positive feedback!

It would be very nice to use in the Crucible and I love the concept of it. Great job with the Lore too, it sounds like something straight from Bungie would make.

This sounds really cool! What other perks do you think it would have though? Maybe something like rapid hit or firmly planted? What barrel/magazine/stock perks should it have?
Edit: sorry for all the questions, but what archetype would it be as well? aside from Darci, we don’t have any rapid-fire exotics so that would be cool too

Izanagi’s Burden is good in PvP. Cause you can make it one shot body if I’m not mistaken

Yep. Even out of supers