Fallen Dialogue Translation (work in progress)

Using the extensive research on the Fallen language conducted by Sarsion (The Fallen Language http://errata.ishtar-collective.net/the-fallen-language/) and Fallen dialogue extracted by Ecumene I have translated some of what our insectoid friends have been saying to us (or at least what they could be saying based on Sarsion’s Fallen Lexicon).

Note: I will attach/link audio files with the dialogue at a later stage.
(?) indicates doubt.

Edit 1: Some additonal meanings thanks to TheTurtleMan

Any help is appreciated…


Fallen Dialogue 1

Eliksni: BA GE
Translation: Lost Kell/s
Possible meanings:
Many lost Kells.
Failure of the Kells.
The defeat of the Kells.
The downfall of the Kells.

Fallen Dialogue 2

Translation: Name Brave a/the fearful death/die
Possible meanings:
The brave fear death. (?)
Death fears the brave.
They (the guardians) fear death.
Calling out the brave, the fearful die.

Fallen Dialogue 3

Eliksni: E SHER E HUR(SH)
Translation: a/the fear/ful a/the fighting (?)
Possible Meanings:
The fearful are fighting. (?)
Fight the fear.
Resist the fear.
The fearful fight courageuosly.

Fallen Dialogue 4

Translation: a/the prey/vulgar thing its/they’re a/the prey/vulgar thing time
Possible Meanings:
The prey (guardians) are not the prey (guardians) time. (?)
The guardians are the prey of time.
The guardians have not always/ will not always be prey.


These look real good, I love looking and trying to translate the fallen language.
Could you say were you got these lines? Like from a dreg or captain/ bosses (mini or strike)

1 maybe is

failure kell

2 maybe is

naming (i call you out) the brave, the fearful die

I guess to congratulate you?

3 is maybe
(hur is fighting, hu is fight, and you said sh something so there may be another word in there)

the fearful (the?) fight (sh…) bravely/courageously
--------------- /\
(not sure if there is a word here, could check the dialogue)

4 is maybe

The prey(guardian) thing is not the prey(guardian) time

maybe stretching it could be “the guardians time is not its/the guardians”? like the guardians are living on stolen time.

I like making weird assumptions that may be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll be sure to add your interpretations and who they are from.

I know super old thread but last night the public event with Pallas the Siegebreaker glitched and when he was frozen I was able to take clips to workout some of his dialogue. I would love to discuss!

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