Fan Fiction: Silent Watcher (Red Legion Hunter Story)

Somewhere near the Red Legion Base, EDZ…
“So, how long you think until we’re spotted here?” Her ghost said, quietly as she could. She was covered in brush, Her Guardian, a Hunter laid silently next to her, observing with a spotter’s scope.
“Hopefully, long enough for us to get an idea on what their patrol routes are like… even if we haven’t heard from the Vanguard in some time, at least Hawthorne’s people at the farm could use the Intel…” the hunter said. “Besides, Ubi, not the first time we’ve been deep in enemy territory all by ourselves.” She said, making only the slightest movements. “We’re far enough away and covered under enough brush that I doubt the Red Legion will find us so long as we don’t do anything too erratic.”
The Ghost squinted but nestled deeper into the brush. “Well… doesn’t change the fact that I’m uncomfortable… We should be with Sen and Ziranah trying to reunite the Vanguard.”
“They can handle themselves, and we’d only slow them down. Those two were somehow able to reclaim their light on their trip to the Shard…” the hunter sighed. “… I miss my Golden Gun… What I would give to be able to blast those Red Legion transports out of the sky with minimal effort again.”
“Yeah… Maybe this is a test… to see if our stuff is really up to snuff.” The Ghost says, looking to the Hunter. “Don’t you think Suzuri? I like to think we’ve been tested quite a bit… from the Dark Ages… and even helping Ayane’s Rangers…” the ghost trailed off, when Suzuri clicked off her safety. “… what is it?”
“shh…” Suzuri says, the two of them lay incredibly still, as a patrol of Cabal walk past, maybe ten, fifteen feet in front of them. The intense feeling made Suzuri think back to the Dark Ages, where oddly, not far from where she was at this point in time, she was being hunted by one of the many Warlords of the time.
Suzuri, and Ubi, laid incredibly still, as the patrol came closer, and closer suddenly stopping. Now standing right next to the pair, not looking directly at them. The Cabal soldiers were talking, and Ubi was able to pick up that they’d found Her and Suzuri’s camp. When the soldiers left the immediate vicinity, Suzuri and Ubi decided it was time to return to the farm and report in. They hadn’t gathered any real useful data, save for estimated patrol zones, routes and supply shipments in and out of the base.
Upon arriving back at the Farm, she began to think to herself, of how much she’d changed since being reborn. Looking back at her adventures and experiences, and none of them had ever felt so dangerous or daring as what she’d just done. Later on that night, she was recording the experience with help from her Ghost, the question she was asked regarding this being a test came up.
“I have to think… when Hunters were created, when we were designated as the vagabonds, scouts and outlaws of Lightbearers, was it so that when things like the Red Legion happen the city can survive? I remember having to constantly be prepared for the absolute worst situations, and always having a back-up plan… I think this was our purpose all along, why we’re drawn to the wilds and to explore. To not only learn for ourselves….” She says, looking out over the Farm, to the other surviving guardians, a few Titans and Warlocks spread out among the guard. “But for our fellow guardians as well.” She says before looking at Ubi, smiling and nodding. “Alright, that’s enough for tonight… we should get some rest, Hawthorne might need help with salvage in the morning and we don’t want her to think that all of us ‘ Fancy-pants guardians’ are useless.” She says, laying down and curling up in her sleeping bag and slowly falling asleep.

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Good story man 20 characters