Fanfiction: Tales We'll Tell

I am going to post the links to three fanfiction works here. Always looking to get more feedback.

This entry is a collection of shorts. Some of them deal with OCs and fill in gaps in or around my other two stories, some work with canonical characters, and some expand on grimoire entries from Destiny the first. This is probably my most popular work, with the most page views, follows, and reviews.

Wow! I really enjoyed these stories and the character interactions within them. Keep it up!

That was quick! Thanks!

Well I did skim them, but I’m reading it all right now. So that I might give actual feedback. If needed anyway, but so far I really enjoy your writing style.

My first Destiny Fan Fiction. Feedback is appreciated Could you possibly give this a look for me?

I actually pulled it up a bit ago to look it over, but have to step away from the computer for a bit. I’ll be reading it.

No worries. I hope you like it.