Favorite quest? (bastion or outbreak prime)

Everyone has a favorite exotic & or legendary weapon but you rarely hear discussion of favorite quests so that’s what this topic is for to discuss our favorites and not so favorite quests. Also to get everyone talking on this topic a good question to start with is which quest do you like better: the community wide puzzle to get the bastion quest earlier than normal or the community wide puzzle to get the outbreak prime(D1) quest?

Niobe labs and Outbreak Prime (Not Perfected). In my opinion, nothing will ever come close to these two. Outbreak was one of the first of its kind, the hardest puzzle Destiny had seen up to that point. The whole quest was a rollercoaster, from the binary to the Website hack, it was awesome. Then there is Niobe labs, one of my favorite puzzles to watch. It was like watching an escape room, with how much outside info they had to use. Stuff like the jewels on the sword to having to spell out FLY while jumping, it was fun to watch and participate in.

Nice, I feel like each one was it’s own puzzle type tho because outbreak prime required math skills and computer language knowledge, Bastian requires maze skills and Niobe labs requires teamwork with knowing your mythology

i would have to say thorn for destiny one and two as it is just interesting at a lore point of view