Favorite Weapon Foundry?

The new seasonal armor sets got me thinking about this. We get to run around as Veist, Omolon, or Tex Mechanica advertisements, which I was pretty pleased about. We don’t see too much from foundries, mostly just flavor texts with their weapons, but they are an element that has brought character and realness to the Destiny world. So that got me thinking: do people have a favorite weapon foundry?

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For me it has to be Daito. The Jade Rabbit is one of my favorite exotics and favorite exotic lore. And the Jade Rabbit and Two-Tailed Fox logos are pretty iconic. Second favorite is a toss-up between Veist and Tex Mechanica. Depends on what kind of Hunter I’m going for: stealthy or space cowboy.

As another Hunter, I’m gonna have to say a definite space cowboy for me. I’ve always enjoyed going guns blazing into combat, probably because the first character I had was a Titan, and I kept some of the mannerisms. Tex Mechania has been my favorite foundry since D1 because they supplied me with the weapons in order do go in guns blazing that I liked the most. I’ve always thought that they had the best-looking stuff and some of the best weapons for PvP, which is really what I care about most. As for my second favorite, I’m gonna go with either Veist or Häkke.


Veist has been my favorite from its conception. They’re the only foundry known to produce linear fusions, and their natural inspiration (Colony, Rattler, etc.) is a really unique approach.

Further, the modular weapon design characteristic of Veist is awesome! See: (Veist Concept Work)

I definitely love Veist’s design. Thanks for the link, I could look at those for hours. I would probably be flaunting the Veist armor set if it didn’t cost me silver at the moment (available for Bright Dust later?)
(P.S: Welcome to Ishtar Commons!)

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The one thing I like about Omolon is how the ammo is indicated by the colored liquid filling up a little circular space on the side of the gun. Makes me pay more attention to how much ammo I have. Speaking of Omolon, anyone else think the Titan’s should have gotten Tex Mechanica armor set and Warlocks gotten Omolon one? Seems flipped-flopped to me.

What foundry is thorn?

I’m not sure if Thorn belongs to a known foundry. I take it that most exotics don’t, except, obviously, ones that display the foundry name (i.e. The Jade Rabbit is Daito). The only thing I found about this was a Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyLore/comments/96sga3/veist_foundry_spinfoil_hat_theorythorn_and/

So exotics are custom weapons and therefore a separate category

As far as I can tell, most exotics are.

Another thing with foundries is that they also have Sparrows as well as weapons, but only some. I can only think of Hakke with the Hecuba Sparrow and a Veist one I’m forgetting the name of.

I think all three classes should have received a set per foundry, but I’m fine with Titans having Omolon and is Warlocks getting Tex.

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Some other foundry sparrows:
Omolon - Perennial Velocity
Veist - Viper-4s
Tex Mechanica - Spur of the Moment

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SUROS. Sure they have gimmicks, but unlike Häkke, who’s main selling point is no gimmicks, SUROS uses their assets to spice up combat in a way that doesn’t make you want to claw your eyes out like Veist. The ammo economy is manageable, unlike Omolon, who rely on energy cells, and Tex Mechanica only has five guardian class weapons, all exotic(First Curse[D1], Last Word[D1/D2], The Huckleberry[D2], The Chaperone[D1/D2], Prospector[D2])

I prefer custom weaponry to particular foundries

Yeah, custom weapons have their charm, with their unique stories and designs. I just like the foundries because they add a level of realness that is different than what exotics bring. Like right now, we’re talking about our favorites, I can just imagine Guardians hanging out in the Tower not being able to agree on the best foundry.

True also I despise Häkke primaries because they have never been good in my experience

I say primaries because I haven’t used one of their sniper rifles in a long time to test their quality and their power weapons are okay but their primaries are horrible

The only foundry that I’m not a fan of is veist. The sound of the guns makes me want to rip my ears out. I like both Omolon and Tex, but I love Suros and Hakke. Both their weapons are great and look and sound amazing.

I forgot exactly what Veist makes in terms of weapons