Felwinter could be alive

The new lore and story coming out has got me thinking. We know he was/is hiding with the current lore and with some of the data mining going on (https://youtu.be/ssG01MtKsQI), I have an idea.
Felwinter = Banshee 44
Wiping his memory is plausible deniability, both (same maybe) are great weapon makers, and Ikora, Shaxx, Saladin, Drifter (Wu Ming),Osiris know what he looks like. Zavala is protective of the towers relationship with Rasputin, and probably for this reason.
The warmind wants his son back!

Oh and both are exo’s!

Why do you think that Felwinter is a “son” of Rasputin?

The the datamine audio from The YouTube link.

While interesting, I feel that there is alot of confirmation bias happening. If Banshee truly does turn out to be Felwinter, that would be a massive curve and quite entertaining. However, Rasputin fabricating a son, which we do have evidence for, and sending that son out into the Iron Lords seemingly before the Siva Tradgedy or even the collapse seems to not line up with the documented events we have and the even the datamine. I agree that Rasputin may have made an Exo “son” at some point, and sent it out to the community of humanity but I am not sure it would have happened before the Collapse, which seems to be prerequisite for it to have been Felwinter.

Rasputin probably lost control of said son after it being turned into a guardian.

That would make sense. Do you think he still had control when the son was dead then?

Who knows, and I don’t remember seeing a ghost for banshee, but like drifter, he probably has it hiding.

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