Felwinter remembering after being revived for first time

I was reading over the lore of felwinter because he’s hands down one of the coolest characters in the game… and I believe it’s the first page of the Liar lore book when he first gets rezzed by felspring he says something along the lines of “he always remembers his name but not now and that it must be something wrong with deep stone crypt processing”. If guardians are wiped clean with no memories, how does he remember that he always remembers his name and how does he know about the crypt?

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I believe I’ve read somewhere that most or all of the exos remember the Deep Stone Crypt, I think maybe as a nightmare? Also, I think a lot of exos remember a little bit about the life they lived before, but not all of it.

Here’s Saint’s experience with the dreams that I found while researching a bit:

Why Felwinter remembered more is probably cause he’s a special boyo.

Well he could have died for the first time with those words on his lips and since he’s an exo he can have nightmares from past lives just like Cayde and Banshee.

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