Fenchurch Everis Postcard #1

Name: Fenchurch Everis Postcard #1
Recorded: 2018.02.20


Ho, Tess!
My greatest apologies for my long silence - I have been
stranded for some weels on an uncharted and thoroughly
inhospitable area of the red planet. My starship was
destroyed in a most frightful crash, but thankfully I had
enough Sparrow parts on board to eventually fashion an
escape vessel to lift me from the planet’s gravitional grasp.

Fear not for me, dear niece. I shall endure, as ever I have
endured in my long years of wandering this marvelous,
perilous, wonderous galaxy.

This does, of course, mean that those Sparrows I promised
you will be a tad late. You understand.

Your ever loving uncle,

Fenchurch Everis

Tess Everis
Eververse Trading Co., Tower Watch
The Tower, Last City, Earth