Fenchurch Everis Postcard #2

Name: Fenchurch Everis Postcard #2
Recorded: 2018.02.20


Dearest Tess,

I hope this note finds you in good spirits.
I am in an excellent state, as always.
I have continued my explorations of this marvelous world
in an area most guardians believe to be uninhabitable.

Not so!

I was searching among the ruins when I cam across a
small tribe of survivors making a hme in the rubble.
Curious wretches - they are so afriad of being discovered
by the keen auditory senses of their enemies that they
communicate almost entirely in gestures.

I spent several days with this stranger band learnin their
ways before sending them on a path toward the City. You
will make them welcome if they arrive?

Your most attrustic uncle,

Fenchurch Everis

Tess Everis
Eververse Trading Co., Tower Watch
The Tower, Last City, Earth