Fenchurch Everis Postcard #4

Name: Fenchurch Everis Postcard #4
Recorded: 2018.02.20


Dearest Tess,

I assume that since I have not heard from you in some
time that you are busy with preparations for our little
venture. DO not tarry from the Tower for too long, my
beloved niece. I am on my way to Jupiter for tea, and it
is my firm intention to stop when I am near the City
and deliver my latest finds.

We must meet. The usualy place, my dear. I am still
persona non grata in the Tower, and, as always,
I suspect the wishes of the Vanguard.

But do remind Zavala it was merely a jest.

Your always-pensive uncle,

Fenchurch Everis

Tess Everis
Eververse Trading Co., Tower Watch
The Tower, Last City, Earth