Finished the Books of Sorrow

I just finished reading the Books of Sorrow. A friend of mine has started it as well, he lead me to this website. Something that stuck out to me was the moons of Fundament. At first it sounded a lot like Saturn, but that’s still a little foggy to me. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

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Fundament is not in our solar system. Maybe one day we’ll be able to go there.


The Fundament, while a gas giant, isn’t Saturn. Saturn has 62 moons, and Fundament has only 52. Additionally, the moons of Fundament contain a host of different species:

The fifty-two moons of Fundament host a starfaring civilization far more sophisticated than anything you’ve encountered so far.

Humanity would have known if there were a host of species wandering around on Saturn- we were aware of the creatures on Titan during the Golden Age- and they would have certainly been aware of other spacefaring civilizations in Sol.

Alongside this is the timeline of the Books of Sorrow. Oryx’s crusade has lasted for centuries, at the very least. From XXII:

For twenty thousand years they fought across the moons and they fought in the abyssal plains and lightning palaces of each other’s sword spaces.

The Fundament is from a time long before Destiny-era Earth, and may not even still exist.


Little detail I might point out: Saturn has 53 moons, Jupiter has 69. I’ll get around to reading those soon, I’m very much interested in all the story in and behind the game. Thanks for the info!

Saturn has “53 confirmed and nine provisional moons,” so 62 in total. :wink:

You’re welcome, and welcome to the forum!


Ah, well, it looks like I’ll be learning a lot here. Thanks for the welcome!