For Destiny and the players of it!


Destiny has been a great game since its release in 2014 since then theres been 4 expansions and sequel with its own expansions. Bungie did wanders for the first person shooter genre.
I’ve been playing since the pest control matrix was a good gun and the galyhorn was a god in over and pvp (still is to). But since the release of D2 the Destiny player base has droped drematicly. But I’m not here to talk about the player base I’m here to talk about the Grimore!
If I get 70 likes on this topic I will write a chronlogicly correct book on the Grimore from day one of the hive to the fall of the Iron Lords and beyond. But I will need your help! Write in the comments the lore in chronological order for me (including D2 and CoO)
It will be much appreciated. Thank you all for reading this overly long topic and hopefully giving your support!


I will also try to get Bungie’s permission before publishing this book. Just so you know. :slight_smile:


There is a good video on YouTube by MyNameIsByf of the entire chronology of D1, it’s an hour and a half long but well worth the time.


A lot of the lore doesn’t have dates. So there is some guessing to when the events happened.


I think that this is quite an ambitious project but it would be an interesting one. I’m sure that you’d get buyers if you did publish it but I hope you know that getting 70 likes on a post is unheard of, so good luck with that! Just out of interest I looked at your profile page and saw you’ve had very little reading time on commons. I hope that if you’re planning to write up all of D1 that you take into account the community’s opinions on what actually happened and not just whatever goes (not meant in an offensive way I just am expressing how I think it needs to be). Anyways good luck and all the best! You Have your first like from me!


Thanks for the like! I haven’t read to much of the lore yet but I have played the game enough to get a base idea for the book. I also know that my 70 like goal is to ambitious so im lowering it to 15 likes. I am really excited to start this project so please leave a like it is much appreciated.


This is a link to an old timeline book I was doing. I don’t know if you would find this helpful.


Thanks that helps a lot! :smile:


Well see you next year guys! I have go read 3,969 grimore cards! :confused:


I have them in PDFs if this also helps.


Wow thanks a lot! You guys have shown a lot of support! :smile: