General Chen Lanshu the first Seraph?

The above D-Lore post is where i am starting this.

My idea is that the cosmodrome higher ups are members of the Seraphs. The above posts makes a pretty good argument, enough so that im researching accordingly.

Do we know names of any other ‘higher ups in the cosmodrome’? Any link no matter how tenuous would be beneficial.

Fully aware of Myelin games video recently.

As its still pretty open, I’m gonna keep digging.

I hypothesise that some of these cosmodrome leaders have something to do with the seraph network - they’ve given themselves to the Warmind program in some way shape of form. Either with name, or with mind. Somehow. I think. based on not much other than a hunch. I enjoy pulling threads - even if they dont unravel anything.

But i dont know if we have the names of any other Cosmodrome leaders other than Lanshu. Or significant individuals.

So any info you may have come across in your travels would be appreciated.

Thanks all