Ghost Scan: Cabal detonated this ship

I’m sorry I don’t have any recorded video but this Ghost Scan is the only one missing from the archive. In The Coming War, as you go up to the Cabal base and after Ghost says Cabal are evacuating, there is a scannable portion on one of the downed Harvesters. I scanned it multiple times back when I was playing in order to log it.

Ghost - The Cabal detonated this ship after it crashed. Standard procedure when they are under attack. I think the last directive received was an evacuation order. But the Cabal have no word for “evacuation”. All ships and personnel were directed to focus attack on enemies beyond Martian orbit.

If someone can go and upload a video of this scan, that would be appreciated. It is the only Ghost Scan that is unavailable in the website.

I’ve known for some time that I’m missing this ghost scan but I’ve never been able to record it! Which part of the harvester is scannable?

right hand side of the nose and back a bit. If I have it, I;;l upload it to this topic.


here you go


There y’all go! Sorry I forgot to specify, and thanks, @ZeeFour.

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