Ghost Scan - Mars, Aurora Reach

Zone: Mars
Area: Aurora Reach
Recorded: 2018.05.15


Concierge AI: Valkyrie. Sleeper Simulant. Hades Flame. Aurora Knives. The weapons of the future are being developed by the Warmind Rasputin today. Would you like to know more?
Concierge AI: The goal of the Warmind project is to prepare our defenses for unseen threats. We are still learning to interface with Rasputin, but it’s already in the process of helping to forge new weapons suited to protecting Humanity. Communication with the Warmind has been a logistical concern from the project’s inception. But the Hephaestus Index is a promising first step towards cooperation with our new commander and protector. This catalog of next-generation weapons ranges from planetary cannons to small- and mid-sized arms for use by ground infantry.
Concierge AI: There are currently over 150 projects in varying stages of research and development. By parsing data and performing calculations at a phenomenal rate, Rasputin is able to to provide instruction in the form of math… the language of the universe. With Clovis Bray engineers and Rasputin working side by side, we can rest assured that our children will live in a prosperous, safe galaxy.

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