Ghost Scan - Nessus, Hallows (#1 - alternative dialogue)

Zone: Nessus
Area: Hallows
Recorded: 2017.11.12


Ghost: For a second I thought there was some kind of SIVA outbreak on Nessus. That would be bad on so many levels. How about we never see that stuff again?

// NOTE: This is alternative dialogue for the Nessus, Hallows (#1) scan. This is the dialogue you get if you’re on a veteran account.

@XonVisniyr I think you already said something about this scan on the Nessus Scans Tracker post but just to confirm, this is the same scan you got that’s called Hallows #1 right? And the dialogue I got in this video is what you get if you’re playing on a veteran account?

When I have a moment I’ll add this transcription into the main Hallows one using the optional tags.

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Thanks for the confirmation!