Ghost Scan - Nessus, The Cistern (#3)

Zone: Nessus
Area: The Cistern
Recorded: 2017.11.16


Ghost: A Conflux that’s directly connected to Mars. The Vex there are having a heck of a time with the Red Legion, it seems like. “Garden gate gone. Bay lost. Bastion fallen.” Huh.

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Oh no. Ohhhh nonononononono, if they’re talking about Meridian Bay, which seems likely because that is the only location we know of with a Garden Gate, and the Legion have trashed that, along with the Sand Eaters, Dust Giants, Blind Legion, and the Seige Dancers, that means that yes the Vex are indeed screwed, but that also means they have a chance to rebuild, those dumb, stupid, and gross Cabal!