Guardians - A List of Names

For the past few months, I have been making a spread sheet of all the Guardians in the armory and grimoire. Now with the release of D2, I thought it might be a good time to release it. I spent hours in the bungie armory, looking at every piece of armor, weapon, ship, sparrow, and item to make sure I got them all

I have expanded the list with D2 Guardians, who appear in the new exotics and lore tabs.
Every Guardian is colored to their Class and Faction. For example, Shiro-4 is under Vanguard.

I hope this sheet with be a little helpful for anyone that doesn’t know the name of the Guardian they seek, or to learn about Guardians under a certain Faction.

(The file will be updated as I find more lore tabs and armory text.)

Name of Every Known Guardian](



Dude, thank you a million. I’ll be adding these to Destinypedia!


Do you have the unnamed guardian from 10201?

I dont. Because its a easter egg to master cheif

Oh, I didn’t know it was a Master Chief reference.

It’s also a palindrome. There was also a hand cannon in D1 named palindrome

I have expanded the Guardian chart to every character in the game.

This includes the Cabal, Hive, Fallen, Taken, Vex, and other factions in the game.
While they don’t have their references yet, the names of every known friend and foe has been typed down. (There might be some missing who appeared in the Curse of Osiris.)

The House of Dusk name is used for the Fallen in Destiny 2.
The Radiant Prohibitive name is used for the unknown Vex collective found in Destiny 2.

Some enemies that aren’t included are minor enemies who are specially ranked. For example, Inquisitor Harpies.