Have you tried to find out shaders lore?

Hi there, we all know that most of shaders in Destiny were named to be named. But what if some of them refer to some lore. Do we at least have a clue about Dregen Yor and Shin Malphur shaders?

Well, we know that some shaders are designed and named for specific places or groups of characters/affiliations, while others are just nice (or not so nice) color combos with cool names. I’m not sure about shaders connecting with lore, the closest I would think to that would be shaders that are specific to a season/affiliation/location ect. Interesting topic to bring up, I usually just think of shaders as color schemes and nothing more.

Is it a bad thing that if I was a head at Bungie I would make a shader that’s ridiculously difficult to get and looks awful that turns out to be the key to the entirety of Destiny’s lore.


Genius. I’d make everything I own that shader no matter how ugly, lolz


I was expecting something more along the lines of “that’s enough for today, Satan” but that works too lol. I just think it would be funny to have something so pointless and tedious to do with no logical pay out for what it is to be the single thing that answers all the questions in the Destiny universe. I’d probably have it heavily coded too XD. Maybe even just have it be the first clue on a long hunt with each thing being more ridiculous than the last and eventually the final part is just absolute insanity that would be impossible to solve/do alone and even with many people. IDK is that too sadistic?

Perhaps, if we’re being realistic future game developers. But in my mind, nah man, that’s a good prank much lolz

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I’ve only talked to you a bit and I already like how you think. Much approve

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much appreciation Thanks, man! That’s just my inner Hunter leaking out into real life.

As a Warlock myself, I care very little for what you can do to a person on the physical plane. Destroying someone mentally is much more devastating. Which is why I tend to lean toward mind games and psychological warfare. Ironic that I am considering becoming a psychiatrist. Or a psychologist, not really sure yet. But I am very interested in psychology either way. Which is probably another reason I prefer mental attacks over physical. A combination of both is the most effective way to prove you are not one to be tussled with.

Woah. Tough, Warlock, tough. I wouldn’t want to mess with you. But those are cool career choices and yes, very true.

I mean I don’t know your life IRL but if you do get on my bad side I can get freakin nasty dude. I don’t hold back for sensitive topics like previous partners that dumped you or something if you properly piss me off. So if you plan to anger me in the near future I recommend keeping as little that can be used against you from me. Other than that I am a big ol softie. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. The hilarious thing is that the video “How to care for your Introvert” is so accurate for me it’s scary. Especially the “just say it offended someone and it’ll skitter off” part. Anyways, this got pretty off topic pretty fast. But hey that’s what having a convo with me is like anyways, I would say we should stop before Jezzy or Bax politely ask us to stop or they can tear us a new arsehole.


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