Hive symbols on 'For Every Rose, A Thorn"

Though this may have no major effect on story, but I believe the symbols we see toward the bottom of the lore book art for ‘For Every Rose, A Thorn’ translates to ‘Malphur’. Reasoning is due to the fact that there are no repeated symbols nor repeated letters in Malphur. 7 letters in Malphur, seven symbols on the book. spoiler if you haven’t read the book yet Then with the twist towards the end with Shin being Zyre Orsa/Dredgen Vale.


Love this idea. If this is true that opens a whole world of translation possibilities for the in game hive writings we see. Welcome to the community!

There is a project about this already going on Reddit but maybe you should take it to them and see!

where on reddit @jubi

Likely on Raidsecrets. It might be hard to find now though.