House Kings - Odd banner locations

While playing Destiny lately (since there isn’t much to do) I have been focusing on potential lore based hints in-game for what the future might bring in D2, or further expansions, etc. One thing I have picked up on are the locations of Fallen banners, or in other words, noticing where banners are located. The House Kings banner locations simply do not make any sense.

Here are some of the locations of the House Kings banners that don’t make any sense to me…

  1. Taniks Strike: At the end of the strike when you finally kill Taniks, the House Kings banners are there
  2. Archon’s Forge: When you enter the forge (from left to right) the death dome on the far right has House Kings banners on each side of it

Let me know if I have missed any locations here, or have any you would like to add. I feel the Kings may have their hands in almost everything the Fallen have set out to do in Destiny…

Where are the Kings banners in the Taniks strike arena? Literally ran that just last night and they didn’t catch my eye.

I would suggest looking out for the banners throughout the strike, but I noticed them at the end of the strike where you actually kill Taniks.

Cool, okay. Next time it rolls I’ll keep my eyes open.

I think he means Aksor

Yeah, there are definitely Kings’ banners at the end of the Archon Priest strike, so I think that’s what he’s referring to. That is particularly interesting to me. We have a Wolf Archon, stolen from the Prison of Elders by Taniks (no house) for the House of Winter. And there are Kings’ banners all around him.

If anyone’s looking for evidence that all the Houses are working together under the rule of House Kings, this is definitely up there.


I wouldn’t say they’re working together, there’s more evidence saying they’re fighting actually. But Kings is an old name, and is what they are.


“We bear an old name. It cannot be killed…”

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I think there can be several explanations for this.

  1. The Warfare of the houses. The houses fight with each other and most likely have gained and lost ground to each other. The kings are a strong house and may have held a lot more ground which has since been taken by other houses. They might leave them there as a sign that they took this from another house.

  2. This is less likely but it could mean the Houses working together, more importantly the other houses working for the Kings. This is a long time conspiracy and may actually be true. During the first missions on Earth we are told we are attacking the Devils but the Fallen are wearing Kings colors. This could show Kings sending troops to support other houses.

  3. Details lost to the old Story. Destiny is just a video game, not a living world. Every little bit was designed and built. Originally the story for Destiny was much different then what we have today. The story was scrapped a year before initial release and bungie fumbled around trying to piece the content together to make a new story. So originally the Kings might have been on Venus, or might have been working with Winter. What we see is pieces left from the old story that aren’t suppose to be there. Like Aksor wears Kings Colors but was a Wolves Archon taken from the Prison of Elders by Winter. Details like this from the original content should be taken with a grain of salt.

you’re confusing narrators

It’s deliberate. The Kings are an old name, so I meshed it with Rasputin’s quote.

And since all of the other houses are weaker in strength and numbers, it would be logical that they would employ the “if you can’t beat them, join them” methodology and ally with the House of Kings. This is pure speculation though.

I think having the House of Kings’s banners in the Archon Forge is completely valid because the House of Devils used to be a sub-house under the House of Kings.

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