How did hive on Titan survive?


There might be something i’m missing but how can the hive live on titan if the fallen followed Zavala there? that 500 years of no killing or violence, something the hive need to not be destroyed by the worm gods and there might me one in titans ocean, as of [Byf's video]( and there is most certainly one on mars or at least some on the dread naught. I’m quite confused on this one if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Well, maybe only the MAJOR hive need to sate their worms? Or maybe they survived by killing the wildlife?


That is a cool theory I want to look more into that. Thanks!


I found some information that disproves, or at least shows that acolytes have worms and they aren’t majors. As for the wildlife the only things we see are worms of some kind in the sea from Byf’s video and if there is any other wildlife I have not seen it and won’t be able to check for a while. I was thinking and there is a chance that the hive used it as a safe breeding ground and a place to re-group troops.


Considering that the book of sorrows seems to describe a sort of tithe network perhaps dormant hive are kept alive by the hive fighting in other places? Also maybe they have just been slowly gnawing away at the bones of all the people that used to live there.


Not sure, but they managed to survive under the surface of the Moon for hundreds of years without contacts with other living creatures. Maybe they have some sort of Hibernation state that they go into when they’re unable to kill anything, or maybe they sated their worms by just killing each other.


The hive are categorically hive by having worms, and worms require tribute. The only reasonable conclusion, if there is wildlife to slay, is that the hive on Titan have survived by slaughtering each other.


That is a self-destructive conclusion. Unless there is a large population of Hive, say a couple million up to a billion, they will soon wipe themselves out within a few decades.


Maybe they killed each other…


Savathun is cunning, so she may have found a way around it. I mean, look at Nokris, who fed his worm with dark knowledge and the sort instead of killing.


it is possible that those hive on titan have only recently got there or they were preying on sea monsters. the only other reason i can think of is cannibalism. a lot of it.


The most likely answer is that they kill each other, as the hive have done this before, it’s likely they will do it again