How long did the Siege of Pallas last?

While researching the Ishtar Collective for a reorganization and massive edits on Destinypedia’s “Reef Wars” article—which, BTW, I am deeply grateful that there’s a key/phrase search function here, enormously beneficial—I came across an apparent contradiction in two cards.

Variks, The Loyal states:

“Skolas wins control of House Wolves. Attack, attack, attack. Place of learning, place of healing, put to the burn. Then Siege of Pallas. Year of cruelty. Held the line to rescue butchers, murderers, Servitor. Ends with Wolf fleet scattered.”

Weksis, the Meek states:

For years the siege endured. At first, neither side dared to attack the other: on Pallas, Paladin Rife knew that Pirsis had the firepower to destroy the asteroid. Above Pallas, Pirsis held back, hoping to rescue Drevis and Kaliks-4 and the other Wolves that Paladin Rife had captured at the Battle of Bamberga’s Wrath.”

As per the title, how long did the Siege of Pallas last if Variks has a different accounting of it while the Awoken say another? Is there a way to resolve this?

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Variks is likely referring to a specific year during the siege that earns significance. That or the Year of Cruelty is another event altogether and he’s just speaking sequentially.


I would agree with this statement. The siege could have been years but there was one year in particular that Variks made note of. Destiny timeline is very complicated and very vague.

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You’re probably right.

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Great discussion, and I agree, I think until we get more information this seems like the most likely scenario! :slight_smile:

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That’s what I think too.
I think maybe the first year of the Seige of Pallas was the year of cruelty.