How the lore saved my life

So, Just a little bit of background on myself, I am a Marine veteran and have been playing Destiny for years. Last year, I was in a bad UTV accident where I was legally dead twice. I suffered a broken back, neck and diffuse axxonal brain injury.The road to recovery was a very long one that is still occuring. Which brings me to what made me want to post here. I have been debating it for quite sometime now. I was first introduced to Lore once I awoke from the short coma, needless to say I have been completely obsessed since then. I am finally at a point to where I can play the game with enough coordination. All of those hours and days and weeks spent reading grimoire in the hospital helped me more than I can say with words. I would like to create lore posts often maybe weekly? Would anybody read it?


Of course! I’m very glad that Destiny lore has helped you, and we’d love to hear more stuff. Although much would be retreaded ground, there’s always something new to be gleaned from it.

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Go for it mate! Destiny has also done wonders for my youngest too, so I’m not surprised it helped you.

Love reading these kinds of stories from people, gives all kinds of warm fuzzies (to quote my kids lol).

I’m so happy to hear how the lore has helped you. You’re welcome to post here as often as you like! This forum was designed for the lore community to come together and have a place to discuss Destiny lore. Welcome!!


It’s great to hear that Destiny has helped you in such a way. We’re glad to have you on board!

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I hope you have a good time! The forum is really amazing! And if you need a hand?p, I’m there for you.

Welcome to the family!

Wow! I am a huge fan! I listen to destiny lore cast almost daily!


That is an amazing story! Can I ask what your favorite topic is? What part of the lore sucked you in first? :slight_smile:

Others have already said it, but absolutely feel welcome to post your thoughts anytime :slight_smile:

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This is such a fantastic story, thank you for sharing it, and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Please, share your lore posts! I think we would all love to read them!

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Aww thanks! :blush: I’m glad you enjoy DLC!


I would read it regularly. I’m a HUGE lore junkie and sometimes come up with my own theories. Good luck and i hope you go through with the idea.


Marine vet here as well, and destiny lore is always great to read from any venue. Anyways, glad you’re well bubba, take it sleazy.