Hunter Exotic Idea

Name: Shadow’s Leave

Type: Hunter Chestpiece

Flavor Text: “If you know your enemy is going to be shooting, at least make sure that it isn’t at you.” -Tevis Larsen

Perk: Shadow Trace
Dodging as a night stalker leaves a shadow behind. The shadow stands still and is identical to you, but it has smoke peeling off of it. This shadow lasts 10 seconds. If an enemy shoots the shadow they are marked for your whole team for 5 seconds.


I can just imagine the saltiness from the warlock and titan communities after facing a team of three wearing this lol.

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It would probably be really good when it first comes out, but after a while it will likely fall off, kind of like Alabi from R6. People would start to learn not to shoot the smokey boi.

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Or continue to shoot it and use the marker as bait.

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Yep. Stuff like that is what will keep it balanced.

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I can hear the saltiness in Competitive with this, just got a whole team running this. Shudders