I Challenge the Ishtar Collective Community

Hello everyone! And good afternoon, Today I have a challenge for everyone, note there’s no reason to do this challenge other than to get a bunch of people to write interesting stories. So what might the challenge be? Well I was thinking that a lot of us make stories about guardians but none about how we as actual people would react to the fall of humanity’s golden age. Therefore my challenge for everyone here in the Ishtar collective community is for people to create stories about how they themselves would react to the fall of the golden age if you existed during that point in humanity’s lifetime. Good luck to everyone and I hope I get to see some wonderful stories come from this challenge!


Here’s my draft so far;

Oh no there’s aliens. Oh crap they killed mom. I’m running, I’m running, I’m run- fallen bug noises of victory

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I don’t really appreciate the sarcasm here

I’m working on something in my freetime. Hopefully you appreciate it a bit more than what shadow said. I have no clue when it’s gonna be ready, but hopefully soon. Currently sitting at a cool 500-ish words and going strong so have fun with the novel I’m apparently writing. (Why did you have to give me something cool to write about, I have too much going on already, I don’t need anything else)

That’s great! (And oof)

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Chill out man Im just kidding.

Its a nice idea, I’m not gonna really do it but it sounds fun for others