I got a crazy exotic idea

so here is how it works and how it looks
so 1. it is a Hunter cloak and it is covered with solar panels and it is called:( I don’t have a name for it yet)
2. Its perk is called Hotter than Hot, when a precision golden is activated it makes the golden gun, but with blue flames.
1st idea when you shoot, it leaves behind Very hot blue flame trails
2nd idea When you activate your super it puts up a sorta of tall titan barrier except it doesn’t protect you but it lets you see And shoot through walls
the 2nd idea i think is pretty cool

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Seems cool. But a bit (very) OP. The first one could be cool. But is it like a wall of blue fire for idea 1?

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Sounds kinda… HOT

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Rimshot.mp3 Thanks folks I’ll be here all week.

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Yeah I was thinking like man that would really cool wearing solar panels and having a blue golden gun, epic

What if they gave you the Keyhole perk from D1, along with Combustion?

Sorry but could you explain what the perks did, i didnt play that much d1.

Golden Gun Shots overpenetrate targets (Keyhole), and targets killed by Golden Gun spontaneously combust, exploding and dealing damage to nearby targets. (Combustion)

Oh! And the combustion can chain!

that sounds good, i actually just came up with a new idea for this exotic
it changes the golden hand cannon into a golden Gjallerhorn ( at this point im throwing stuff at the wall until it sticks

That sounds badass tbh. But if you put Keyhole on it’d turn into absolute carnage.

yeah i agree, I have another idea what if the class item’s exotics (Cloak, Bond. and Mark) changed how the supers worked like a void mark exotic could possibly change the shield in to something like a spear

Or to like a shield AND a spear.

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or like a warlock bond that would turn the new solar super into the old one from d1

Damn I miss self res… those were the days.

i used to watch some really sick res plays in old crucible

Yeahhh. That and the old Bladedancer.

The Keyhole Combustion was my favorite Gunslinger combo, cause’ it cleared through so many so quickly.

“thats hot”

sounds fun, broken and very OP, while I love domeing people though walls with a thousand voices effect for that extra bull***ery, this does sounds like a good idea if it was built upon

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Yeah but others are prooobably pulling their hair out because of that.

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