I got bored and wrote a crap ton of Lore for my Titan

Guardian Name:Jason Kretz
Pre Resurrection Name:Bernie Rogers
Active Guardian Years:5
Age at Mortal Death:29
Known Aliases:
Angry Man
A Big Fucking Problem (Used by one of Valus Ta’urcs Commanders when Kretz showed up to kill them)
Arthur Callahan (DND Character Name)

Pre Ressurection Profile:
Bernie Rogers was a Special Forces Soldier from 2059-2070. His specific unit was an elite regiment of Peacekeepers called “The Toa”. The Toa have a history of various uses throughout their existence, but most notable was their use to quell riots. Rogers specifically was dispatched to deal with riots organized by far right wing Christian extremists who believed The Traveler to be an envoy of Satan, and that Humanity using its power was black magic.

Rogers died during one of these riots in the territory of New Jersey when a suicide bomber ran directly towards him and his unit. He bravely flying tackled the bomber off of the pier the riot was taking place on into the Atlantic. The blast caused severe damage to his organs and he later died at John Hopkins University Hospital.

His wife was awarded a Purple Heart in his place and a Medal of Valor. His children (Maryne and Terrence) both went on to be top scientists at the Clovis Bray corporation on Mars.

Guardian Profile:

Jason Kretz was resurrected in what remains of a Golden Age Hospital called John Hopkins University. Reasonably uneventful service until the Red War. Kretz returned to the remains of John Hopkins and the city of Philadelphia in search of safety. He found it in a shard of the Traveler that still had some light in it and showed him the Code of the Commander.

Kretz went on to lead the remaining forces of humanity and The Farm in several successful offensive hit-and-runs that earned him the respect and admiration of Lord Saladin. Kretz was also present at the Battle of the Prison of Elders having been good friends with an Awoken Guard who worked there named Tyrus. Tyrus was killed in the ensuing chaos driving Kretz on a quest for blood. He slew more Scorn than what is countable in his fury. The [few] survivors of his fury recall the sound of high pitched, grating music, that sounded like death emanating from him as he fought. He later confirmed that the music was from several Pre Golden Age musicians including Disturbed, Mick Gordon, and The B.E.A.S.T.I.E. Boys.

Kretz’s notable efforts in the Red War and the Dreaming City led Zavala to make him the Primary Commander in charge of reclaiming Archer’s Line, and The Hellmouth during the Lunar Offensive. Without his leadership countless guardians would have perished in the Hellmouth once again. He continues to be an instrumental part of the City’s Militia. Having led almost 300 incursions into the Black Garden in the weeks following the destruction of the Sanctified Mind.

Kretz spends his free time sitting in a bar called the Iron Point drinking Sprite and eating cheesesteaks (A Pre Golden Age recipe he discovered during his time in Philadelphia). He is an avid DND player and plays in a campaign run by several of Cayde-6’s old drinking friends. Close friends include several civilians and two guardians named Renha (RAY-NUH) Haras and Carl “8 ball” Freemason.


what would you say is your titans favorite subclass?

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I think you can take a guess at that

Cool lore, also it’s nice to see even after an apocalypse DND is still around

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DND will never die my friend

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Yep, also do you play doom?

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Yes. I fucking love Doom.

Ready for doom to be eternal?

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Fuck yeah. You dont even have to ask that question Loads shotgun with malicious intent lets go to Mars motha fucka

Nice, in the mean time right now i’m Slaughtering nazis while playing Wolfenstein and later this year i’ll Quench my demon blood thirst when I finally get doom 2016 while waiting for doom eternal to release

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If you have time, I made recreated the Prison Of Elders in Doom:Snapmap. Map ID is 79JSZ36E

Cool, i’ll Get doom 2016 around February, also Blazkowicz‘s dad is a piece of Scheisse because he hits a dog, tosses his wife across the room and makes his son shoot his own dog

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Wait can snapmaps made on other platforms be accessed on every platform?

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Yes. I made mine on Xbox

K, i’m On PS4 that’s why I asked, also some people are speculating that the new movement things are going to make doom more complicated than it needs to be but I think we needed more movement abilities in the first place in doom 2016, what do you think?

Also do you believe after the first 2 DLCs are released they will bring back snap maps into Doom Eternal?

Idk I just wanna kill shit

Doom 64 = the unmaker is back

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