I have Another Crazy WaCkY exotic idea

For those who have seen my past exotics and how weird they were, get ready for another one
this is sorta based off of my other idea that I just made based on a ghost/light subclass

It is a Trace Rifle and it is called Holy Light (might change later).

Its first perk is called Shine Through: This weapon fires concentrated light, thus damaging shields with more efficiency
The second perk is called Holy light:(might change name later) and has two barrels that you can switch between Healing and Damaging
The look of the gun is sorta like a lot of lenses focusing a shard of the Traveler with a white and blue design on it

ps i will work on a lore entry later on

Good idea but maybe not “holy” because we don’t necessarily know if the traveler represents good, now we may think the traveler is good but it doesn’t mean it is good

I was thinking for the lore entry for this weapon would be about some sort of cult of the Traveler/ chosen one (player character)and that they took a piece of the traveler from the EWZ
(European Weird Zone the one place that’s all corrupted by the weird light around the EDZ please correct me if the place has an actual name) and made a weapon from it. that’s why I choose that name for it because they place it as and actual artifact or holy relic/weapon

Can I add an idea for a lore entry?

Sure man, let it rip(beyblade beyblade let it rip)

Alright, here we go

They say in the early days of the traveler a cult formed, don’t know how or who ran it but we know it happened. This weapon is proof of that, now go prove those cultist had some worth guardian

Well you see, the Speaker is like a priest of sorts and kinda treats the Traveler like a holy god and tries to imprint the same beliefs upon others. Which kiiinda means it is from the perspective of the Speaker or a Cultist. So there you have it.

As for the lore, I may make something if inspiration strikes. But as of now I don’t have anything in mind.

Maybe from its look you can call it Alpha Lupi’s Eye? Or The Long Lost Eye?