I Have Returned

I know nobody cares but I`m not dead! I just stopped playing Destiny for a while but I have returned fresh with new ideas and theories. I may not post them right away but I am back, if I had the makings of a new profile picture I would say “Im back in black” but I dont.
Thank you all for the feedback on some of my older posts on this forum! I hope to make more random subjects and theories soon or somewhat soon. They will most likely be focused around my two favorite things in Destiny and Destiny 2, Cayde and the Iron Lords(also maybe the Drifter, honestly wasn’t to sure on him and wanted to kill him like Aunor but I changed my mind and had my mind thrown for a loop when he mentioned the Iron Lords. Ah Destiny lore how amazing it is, we think we know something then 2 sentences throw it down and stomp all over our theories.).
Also! I have possible new projects that my sister gave me the idea of(technically the main reason i came back, i needed the grimoire cards and lore categorized in one place rather then going through and having to find it in game, that would take to much time. Hopefully I dont get many spoilers for Shadowkeep. Honestly same with Forsaken since I havent played either but no biggy if I do get spoilers).
Anyhow, thats some things for now. I hope everything is well with everyone in this time!


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