"I show you something I found" (Destiny 2)

So if you look “Rally the Troops” trailer, right when Commander Zavala is talking, pause it and zoom in on the Traveler

Also that part when the Cabal ships are flying toward the Traveler.

It seems like the Cabal have either set the Traveler on fire or put some sort of force field over it.

I believe that WE (The Guardians) deployed the “force field” over the Traveler to keep the Cabal from destroying the Traveler.

This may sound unlikely but I feel like we should still explore every possibility


Huh, that’s a possibility I haven’t considered. Does the City even have that technology, though? All other sources say the Cabal found a way to cut us off, so the force-field is naturally assumed to be of Cabal origin.

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True but you have to remember that we live in a world of machines that bend the rules of space time and A race of “insect-zombie humanoids” that serves a cosmic entity that is made of pure darkness… (I think)

At this point anything is possible

I think it would have to be Cabal origins. If you didn’t notice, in the Rally the Tropps trailer, there are no ghosts around. Maybe Bungie just didn’t want ghosts, but the force field makes it unlikely. If you went on Amazon.com, and searched Destiny 2, you get a description.
"Ghaul has stripped the City’s guardians of their power."
It means they blocked our light. The only way to do that is to block the Traveler, unless you have Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, or Stormcaller. Anyway, this explains (in my opinion) why the Traveler has a red shield around it.

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True, but this is still al heavy speculation anyways