Idea for the future of Uldren

So I’ve been thinking about what Bungie might do with Uldren now that he is a guardian, and I came up with an idea of what I feel would be a good thing for the Destiny franchise. My idea is a smaller, more single-player game starring Uldren. And before you just immediately hate me and my idea, hear me out.
What I think they could do is make a more story-based game. (Story-telling like what was in Forsaken) Have it start from when Uldren is first rezzed and confused. Have it follow him as he tries to figure out why everyone hates him and have him be rezzed with Mara’s name, and he also tries to find out who she is, and where to find her.
Also, they should have it as a single player game. While it being single player may drive some people away, there is always regular Destiny. Also, they should lean more into the regular RPG style. Have more modifications and stuff for weapons, and have more cycling builds you can use.
Thank you for Reading.


Like ODST they could have like Destiny 2: The Hand of Darkness

Would probably be a hit for people wanting a classic Bungie experience in the Destiny world.

I Like the Idea

That is probably more likely to happen now that Bungie is free of Activision.

Not quite. Remember, they are on a much lower budget without Activision. Besides, I think Activision would’ve allowed this anyways, because, well. The moni.

Yes but they’d also demand that micro transactions (and probably multiplayer) be put in. Taking time off possible time for development and such. Granted they have a lower budget but they can do what they want with this game. These next few months and the future will show Bungo’s true colors. So if they do something like this it is likely we’ll see some motifs from their Halo games. I never got the chance to play them but I would love to see what I missed out on. I also hope they bring some of D1 into D2! D1 is still my favorite out of the two and (frankly) I need to get back into playing Destiny period.