Ideas on How Bungie will Integrate Unvaulted Content in Destiny 2

I think we all know that Bungie is trying to make up for the vaulting of previous D2 content by reintroducing older content from D1. Two examples being, eventually, the Vault of Glass (my guess being in February/March), and, more importantly, the Cosmodrome. Now, the fact that these things are coming/have come back into D2 is cool enough, but the thing that made my mind start thinking is because of what Bungie has done with the Cosmodrome’s reintroduction. They’re making a way for it to integrate with the story.

In the most spoiler-free way, for Beyond Light’s campaign, you go to the Cosmodrome for a quick mission or two then leave. But, more prominently, if you do the New Light quest, you start in the Cosmodrome and spend and good chunk of time doing missions and stuff. This, in a way, is making the unvaulted and, otherwise, unrelated stuff become present in Destiny’s story. Now, this may just be Bungie’s way of making people play the new/unvaulted content, but it still opens the door to several cool ideas that they could do. And I’ve already theorized a few.

First, the shortest thought of all, the Vault of Glass. It takes place on a destination not present in D2, the Ishtar Sink on Venus. With the guaranteed reintroduction of VoG, my theory is that Venus may unvault with it. And though I have no thoughts on what possible season stuff they could do, although I am expecting next season to be a one prominent with Vex, they could use Venus as a little New Light thing to help New Lights get acquainted with the Vex, maybe even the Exo Stranger.

Skipping the D1 expansions because I don’t have any good ideas, we’re going straight to the Taken King, and this may require a bit of uhhh, free thinking. Now, we all know the next DLC will feature Savathun, and possibly Xivu Arath, Oryx’s two sisters. Savathun has been trying to learn/get better at necromancy. Back in Shadowkeep, there was a lot of talk in lore entries, especially in the collectors edition, about resurrecting Oryx. At this point you probably see where I’m going with this. Oryx comes back, goes to his Dreadnaught, boom bang the Dreadnaught destination comes back, King’s Fall raid gets unvaulted, and Carl’s your uncle. But, I have a few ideas at how this can play out, and I’ll quickly list them (not all of them are cool and/or believable, but their ideas nonetheless).
#1, King’s Fall comes back, Savathun gets a raid, Xivu gets knocked down to a strike boss.
#2, King’s Fall, Savathun and Xivu are put together in one raid as two separate boss encounters. #3, same as 2 but Savathun and Xivu are both the final boss.
#4, All three get their own raid (Savathun’s raid and King’s Fall in one season, Xivu’s raid in the next season or two. Or all a season apart)
#5, Oryx kills one of the others, or both, taking their strength. Thus, in the perspective of the Guardian, making King’s Fall a much tougher challenge than the first time.

Now, my ideas for Rise of Iron stuff. This is fueled more by the fact that uuhhhh…well, I really want SIVA added back in as something we can use. Especially since we now know, if memory is correct, the Rasputin that released it was a grumpy copy that was separated from the main source and that the whole Rasputin is sorry for and heavily regrets what he did. Now that Rasputin is on our side, with his help, we can use SIVA for good. Now, you may be saying “the Vanguard say the Plaguelands and SIVA are off limits,” or, “Rasputin is currently trapped in an engram.” Well, I have info that can go against both of those. Sadly, the evidence for this will make this topic double in length and go way off course, so I gotta hold off on it. If people wanna hear it, I’ll probably put in below as a reply. Or as a separate topic, idk. But, the TL;DR is that the evidence is in the “Dark Future” lorebook. If you’ve read it and don’t believe it, then evidence of its validity and foreshadowing is provided in “Regarding Stasis” for Eris Morn. Reader of both of these might see where I’m going.

Anyway, uh, conclusion paragraph…hmmmm.
If you’ve got other ideas on how Bungie can reintroduce D1 content into D2 in interesting ways, toss them out, you’ll probably come up with better and more believable ideas than I did.
So, uhhhh, I’m gonna go crash the Deep Stone Crypt again.
I’ll see you starside!

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Not gonna lie, all of these seem like they possible so that’s a big plus! I wouldn’t have been able to think of all of these and make them feasible so good job on that.

I think that Siva is going to be used in 2(?) seasons, for no other reason than I want it to, I have no lore to back this up. I think it will be brought back as Rasputin’s main shtick which would be pretty cool imo, which later we end up consuming it and using it for ourselves, enhancing our powers, and replicating sort of what we have now in Beyond Light with Stasis, though, hopefully, without the more unbalanced things we currently have (Shatter Dive makes me sad it shuts down monkeying with a shotgun too effectively, I need to ape, game is literally unplayable, Bungo pls nerf). I could see SIVA going all the way to a subclass of types, but I’m not so sure that’s what Bungie is going to do with it.

Hope y’all enjoyed my inane ramblings and I’m looking forward to hearing all of your ideas.

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I’m in the same boat as you. Just the few things that have been hinted in the lore, like how I believe it’s said that the entire city on Mars (in D1 not D2) was built by SIVA in a few days, and that place is practically bordering being called a mega metropolis. Then there’s what it’s done with the Fallen, making them incredibly powerful. They were even able to fight equally against the Hive. Imagine if we had that. In terms of gameplay, the mods we would get from SIVA would be incredible, massive increases in weapon and armor stats, possible weapon mods that could give weapons perks and/or abilities like Outbreak Prime/Perfected “SIVA Particulates.” Hell, we’ve seen it inhabit corpses and control them as puppets (granted, most of those corpses were more mechanical than organic, but the idea remains). Just the concepts of what we could do with SIVA gives me a headache. Bringing SIVA back could also act as a way for Bungie to bring back the weapon and armor perks exclusive to SIVA weapons and armor back in Rise of Iron.

I ain’t gonna smack talk Saladin because ehh…friends go bye bye from SIVA, but Zavala’s still a puss. Also, now that, if the events of the “Dark Future” do somewhat happen, Rasputin is side-by-side with us, I would love to see a cutscene where he and Lord Saladin make up or something. Rasputin would get to learn about Felwinter from the perspective of his friend, and Saladin would get to learn the truth about Felwinter and Rasputin’s releasing of SIVA. And it would be kinda funny to see the two interact in general.
R: “Saladin! Hey, how’s my son and his friends?”
S: “Dead, remember?”
R: “…Right…”
S: …
R: “We cool?”
S: “No”
R: “Cool”

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What I would like to see is other races gaining control of Siva, which could then lead to a way to explain the return of old enemies, that they were re-animated with Siva. For example, the vex could gain control of Siva and use it to enhance their abilities and they could re-construct the Vault of Glass somewhere like Nessus, and bring Atheon and the Templar back, but with enhanced Siva abilities. This would also allow Bungie to put a new twist on the raid, by adding new Siva mechanics, along with new Siva vex. This could also extend to the hive, and they could re-make Oryx and Crota, along with their associated Bosses.


I not as sure about the Hive, but the Vex would be the perfect candidate for discovering SIVA. They search the whole system looking for knowledge to use against us. So, if they were to ever to get to Cosmodrome, they would totally take SIVA and use it against us. It would give us a reason to return to the Plaguelands to enter the SIVA Production Facility and find out ways we can fight fire with fire once more. It would also totally work as a way to at least tell the New Lights of the Devil Splicers and the things they were able to do with SIVA, and thus why it’s VERY BAD for them to get ahold of it.

God, Vex with SIVA. They already are a great threat, especially when fighting them in their territory like the VoG. To think of them getting the same boost that turned the House of Devils from a weak gang to predators of the Hive is chilling. But also fascinating.

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Vex and SIVA would be the end of everything. They would have the ability to grow so much more powerful so much eaisier. It would not only be a force to be reckoned with, I legit think that would be what killed the Gaurdian if SIVA was tippity tapped by the Vex.