Im a little confused, whats going on with Osiris and Rasp?

Alrighty so first I see them at odds as well as potentially Osiris’s death, but then the new trailer came out and we are apparently helping to arm Rasp further while (to my info ) Osiris is nowhere to be seen in trials (only saints voice can be heard commentating).

so if that was coherent enough to understand, here’s my real question: Is Osiris dead and if so what are we going to do about it, what are Raspy bois motives and am I just lacking info on the subject?

I highly doubt Osiris is going to die. I think that Osiris is just scared of Rasputin, and his ability to do so much harm. Osiris knows that Rasputin has faced the darkness before and he got his butt whooped. I think that Osiris believes that Rasputin will join the darkness, because he knows he might not be able to fight it. He thinks that Rasputin will put himself before humanity. That is what I think the point of that little cutscene was.

You might even say Osiris might think that Rasputin crippled the Traveler >.>

However Osiris doesn’t realize that Rasputin was programmed to keep humanity around no matter what even if that means crippling the giant that gave humanity new tech & brought a new enemy to the solar system

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I am unsure if that program is still in effect. Rasputin has undergone some major changes since the Collapse and with us unchaining him during the events of Warmind, he may be more or less free-willed.

while I agree with you he said something strange “You know what I saw in the infinite forest, a line has been drawn between light and dark, which side are you on?” or something to that effect, which makes me think that he has already seen this happen and perhaps came to change the future.